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Delicious Moroccan food you HAVE to try!

Updated: May 31, 2020

We can still smell the yumminess of the traditional food we tasted during our Moroccan adventure!

If you're heading to Morocco, know that you're in for a gastronomical (re)treat! Not only Morocco is the land of many beauty spots ( Read our guide: 5 Best Day Trips from Marrakesh ) but also a real paradise for your taste buds!

Moroccan food ranks high on lists of the world's best cuisines and is well worth exploring;

We made a list of dishes you should give a go when in Morocco, take notes and thank us later! :)

1. TAGINE (of anything): famous Moroccan stew

First of all, let's start with how Moroccan food is cooked, they use a Tagine to cook almost everything! What is a tagine? It is a clay cooking pot with a conical lid and it is great to slow cook food inside (beef, lamb, chicken, veggies, etc). You will see it practically anywhere in Morocco.


Cous cous is grain widely known in Europe as well, and we used to prepare it very often even before visiting Morocco; But the to try the traditional recipe was a great experience!

Cous cous is originally a Berber dish and it is a very traditional dish in many North African countries. If you mention “couscous” in Morocco, people will usually assume that you are referring to the most famous version of the dish: the 7 vegetables cous cous

The 7 vegetables are: tomato, cabbage, sweet potato, turnip, carrot and butthernut squash (or pumpkin!)


Zalouk (image above) is a common side dish and typically served with crusty bread. The spread is made with eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and spices! Very tasty!


Or as they call it in Morocco: Poulet Au Citron!

We had it, I think, every single day! It is our favourite Moroccan dish ever!

The chicken is cooked in the tagine, slowly simmered, it is very tender and infused with complex flavor of exotic spices: lemon essence, and salty olives makes it a great dish!

When I make it at home I feel like I’m again in Morocco, the smell reminds me of Moroccan memories!

Try my recipe yourself:

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Sardines in Morocco can be found in abundance thank to the position of the country in the coastline, this small fish it is full of flavour and it can be cooked in many different variants.

The most common way of cooking sardines in Morocco is by grilling them, this helps to keep their full flavour and they are usually made quite spicy, served with tomatoes and potatoes.


Mint Tea is an institution in Morocco, it represents friendship and relationships. Moroccan mint tea is served throughout the day and particularly at mealtimes.

Green Tea is the base of the traditional Mint Tea, add mint leaves and sugar to taste! Delicious and also very refreshing!


Who doesn't love bread?! Well, we are both Italians and we love crusted bread!

We have to say that Morocco makes the most delicious bread: Khobz are typically baked in communal wood-fired ovens and served with a lot of, if not every, meals.

There are also other types of bread to try in Morocco, the Harcha (buttery bread), Rghaif (flat bread, quite flaky), or Baghira (spongy crumpet), all of them are very easy to find, very cheap to buy and very tasty to eat with you meals!


We had plenty of Brochettes during our Moroccan stay! As you can tell, Matteo is enjoying this delicious skewers in Jemaa el-Fna Square, Marrakesh!

Brochettes are definetely a MUST TRY for every meat lover, very succulent skewers of every kind of meat, we love the chicken ones but definetely woth having a little of all of them!

And if you have a barbecue at home, why not make them yourself and fill the house with authentic Moroccan flavours?

Try my recipe yourself:

Read More: Daniela's Recipes at Home!


Harira is basically a Moroccan lentil soup usually served as a starter or used during Ramadan to break the fast at dusk.


And lastly, who does not love a good dessert to finish up the meal? Shebakia are flower-shaped very very sweet fried sesame cookie dipped in honey.

Kaab el Ghazal are crescent-shaped pastries have almond paste scented with orange flower water and cinnamon and Briwat (or Briouats) are deep fried filo pastry, shaped like a triangle and filled with almonds.

You can usually find a small tasting plates of this yummy sweets and try them all!

Send this article to a foodie friend and plan a trip to Morocco together!

Which of these Moroccan foods do you want to try the most? Are we missing anything on our list that we need to try on our next trip?

Tell us in the comment section below! See you soon!!😃

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