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York is surely one of a kind, want to know why?

York is a city with Roman roots and a Viking past, where ancient walls still surround the city, while the city itself is very vibrant: festivals, outdoor markets, alfresco dining.

York is perfectly located so it is very easy to travel by train from London, Manchester and Edinburgh, it will take you a couple of hours by train to arrive to York.

There is plenty of amazing things to do and visit during your visit to York:


York’s medieval City Walls comprise 3.4km (2 miles) of surviving masonry. They are the longest town walls in England. They were built mainly in the 13th century!

The walk round the walls is completely free and takes about 2 hours, it offers an opportunity to see the main features of the walls and great views of many monuments of York.

This guide starts at Bootham Bar and goes clockwise. but you can start at any Bar and follow the city walls map clockwise.

This walk is very recommended from us to take, we really enjoyed it, sunny weather, a little wind because of the height and really nice views of monuments and over the city. We loved doing this first thing in the morning as it gave us an idea of how York was and then after completing the trail we could then explore better the city knowing more or less where places of interest were!

Below the city walls map:

If you finish your City Walls Trail at Bootham Bar, the York Minster will be just a short walk from you, follow High Petergate street and you'll reach the Minster.


York Minster is the cathedral of York England and is one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. The Cathedral itself is a stunning piece of gothic architecture, in the south transept the rose window whose glass dates from about 1500 and commemorates the union of the royal houses of York and Lancaster.

The area surrounding the Cathedral is also very beautiful, we had a good time in Dean's Park, Walking down to Low Petergate street, on the street we found a little shop called "The York Roast Co." where we had a Yorkie Wrap to take away, very recommended if you want to try their famous Yorkshire Pudding, it is very tasty!

If you walk down Lower Petergate street you will reach The Shambles!


The Shambles is a unique street of York, there is just so many things about this street that make it unique.

The street was once known as The Great Flesh Shambles because of butchers' shops located all along the street, nowadays some hooks can still be found on the facade on the fourteenth century buildings along the street, and this is where butchers used to hang meats on display.

Nowadays none of the butcher shops remain, the shops currently include a mix of restaurants and shops as well as a bookshop and a bakery. There are also wizard themed shops in the street. as The Shambles is known to be the inspiration for Harry Potter's "Diagon Alley", however, J.K. Rowling, has denied this and has stated that she had never been to the Shambles.

Anyway, it is a pretty little street, with beautiful shops and if you are a Potterhead it will blow your mind! A visit to the Shambles is a must when in York!


St. Mary's Abbey, River Ouse, Gardens and nice little streets: York's city centre in quite small, we walked 30.000 steps in a day in York just wondering around the city, the atmosphere is beautiful and vibrant, colourful shops, outdoor seating, street artists and musicians fill the streets of York in summertime, even just walking around is a beautiful way to experience York.

Watch our travel video of York on YouTube: A DAY IN YORK in 3 minutes!

Thank you for reading our experience in York, England.

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